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Mesa Falls Marathon, Ashton, Idaho Skip the crowds and the hassle of big, classic tourist races and sink into the easygoing pace and welcoming feel of a small-town course. "I often tell people that this is one of my favorite races," Galloway says. "It's a quieter, more humble, more honest experience. A runner's race. People come here to get together and run because it's something that they love to do—not to tick it off their bucket list." In Mesa Falls, breathe in a beautiful, downhill course through lonely farmland and rushing springs, share a well-deserved handshake with the ("fantastic") organizers at the finish line, and chat with locals over a huckleberry milkshake from the local drugstore's soda counter. No wait or reservation necessary. Read Full Article

Mesa Falls Marathon

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Sad Day For The Marathon

Jean HowellFor hundreds of our runners over the years, the aid station at the top of the hill coming up out of Warm River was a very welcome site for two reasons, One, because it signaled the end of the uphill climb, and two; because Jean Howell, the little white haired lady that manned the station,greeted all the runners with great enthusiasm. Sadly, following some health issues, she has passed away. While nothing else has changed with the race, somehow it just won't seem the same without her. Over the years, we had received many calls and thank you notes from runners commenting on our wonderful " Angel " at the top of the hill. She truly now is an angel, and will be greatly missed. Thank You Jean!

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Mesa Falls Marathon - Ashton, Idaho

Mesa Falls Marathon

Around 600 runners and countless volunteers combined to make the Mesa Falls Marathon a success year after year.

Mesa Falls Marathon

The Mesa Falls Marathon, held the fourth Saturday of August in Ashton, Idaho, is truly one of the 50 great Marathons in the nation. Beginning in the Targhee National Forest near the famous Upper Mesa Falls, the marathon route travels through wildlife laden woods to the town of Ashton offering the runner breathtaking views of the Teton Mountain Range and other beautiful landmarks.